Anna Salai battered, ruined

Recent works for the metro rail has left Chennai's premier road in a dilapidated condition

The ongoing metro rail work and the monsoon rain have battered the city’s oldest road, Anna Salai. Craters and potholes have developed on the 13 km road which is the busiest in the city.

A crater in the size of a manhole developed on the road near DMS subway on Sunday evening. Traffic was diverted to minimize congestion, said a report in The Hindu.

The crater’s size, according to police and Metro rail staff on the site, was increasing on the road, underneath which the Teynampet metro station is being built.

“The depth is nearly 30 feet. Hence we barricaded the stretch to prevent vehicles from going in,” said an police officer.

Last April, a portion of the road near the US Consulate had caved in due to the metro construction work which resulted in a bus and car getting stuck in the crater. Also a few days after the incident, cracks started appearing on various parts of the road.

Many stretches of the road especially near places of metro construction work have become rough and uneven. The patch near LIC building which is said to be the worst hit has become completely worn out and filled with small potholes.

“Ever since the rains have come, this has happened,” said a vendor near the LIC building. Similar condition was also found near the upcoming Thousand Lights metro station where the upper layer of the road has completely worn off.

The condition of the road starts to become rough from Saidapet bus stand which may lead to accidents especially among two wheelers. Vehicular traffic also has become slow in places where the roads are narrow and it becomes jam-packed during peak hours when the vehicular density goes up to 18,000 units.

“The pedestrian pathways which have been built adjacent to the metro site have also resulted in traffic delays as a result of narrow roads,” added the vendor.

The Highways Department, which manages the maintenance works of the road, has blamed the rain for the condition of roads. “The monsoon may have damaged the roads but soon after the rains, we will start the rectification work,” said a source from the Highways Department.

The pedestrian pathways have resulted in narrow roads

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