Shivamogga Youth Murder: National Parties Have Destabilised Peace In State, Says HDK

H. D. Kumaraswamy alleges political involvement in Bajrang Dal activist's murder

The former CM alleged that the national parties are killing children from poor families for their selfish political goals.

Tanya Savkoor

Shivamogga:  Former Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy alleged that national parties like BJP and Congress have “destabilised” the peace in the State for their own political motives. This comment comes as tensions escalated after the murder of a Bajrang Dal activist in the district.

“I have started doubting whether there is any police intelligence wing in the state or not. The incident of murder of Harsha in Shivamogga is a glaring example of the failure of the state intelligence and the inability of the government to maintain peace, law and order”, he stated.

Vehicles set ablaze during riots at Shivamogga on Monday. | Credit: Deccan Herald

Speaking to the media at Vidhana Soudha he said, “When Hijab and Saffron shawl issues were spread in a planned manner across the state, it was quite evident that the national parties are playing with the lives of innocent children. The murder of the youth in Shivamogga is also a part of their larger conspiracy.”

The former CM alleged that instead of fighting for development issues, national parties are fighting and disturbing communal harmony and encouraging those indulging in communal dissensions. He also advised parents to be careful about what their wards are involved with. “Once the damage is done, no one will come to take care of your family. This should be understood by both the parents and children,” he said.

“The family of the youth is saying that there was a threat to his life for the last two years. They even said that there was Rs. 10 lakh reward to persons who would kill him,” he said, alleging that the BJP government did not provide him security even after there was a serious threat to his life. “Why is it that your party (BJP) failed to save the life of a person who belonged to your own organisation?” he asked.

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The deceased, Harsha, was a Bajrang Dal activist for the last five years and was stabbed in Bharathi Nagar on Sunday night. A curfew was imposed till Tuesday morning, after violence broke out during the funeral procession, leaving three injured. Police arrested three suspects on Monday.

BJP MLA, M.P. Renukacharya, announced a compensation of Rs. 2 lakhs to Harsha’s family. “As per my information, five people are involved in this murder. For now, we do not want to disclose anything further. Inquiry is going on. After the investigation, the information will be shared,” he said.

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