Dileep granted bail

October 3, 2017 students 0

After four attempts and 85 days in custody, Dileep who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the conspiracy surrounding the abduction and sexual assault of a woman actor in February was granted bail

Dangers of bariatric surgery

September 26, 2017 students 0

The most common post-operation risks are acid reflux, anesthesia-related risks, chronic nausea and vomiting, infection, obstruction of stomach, weight gain or failure to lose weight. 

Drones fly with clipped wings

September 25, 2017 students 0

Buying a drone in India is tough. Even harder is finding a way to fly it legally. Drone-flyers have to get police permission before they get their machines off their ground.

Community fridge feeds the poor

September 25, 2017 students 0

The poor and undernourished can get free and wholesome meals at the first community fridge in Chennai. The project is named “Ayyamittu Unn”, which means “Share with the needy before you eat”.