Many Thideer Nagars: Dr. Radhakrishnapuram

October 15, 2019 students 0

Chennai has many Thideer Nagars. The name itself is emblematic of the nature of these neighbourhoods with small houses with paint peeling of the walls and streets barely wide enough for a car to pass. This is one of them.

The Kashmir Chronicles

October 1, 2019 students 0

Coverage around the World Nearly two months and counting, Kashmir has been on lockdown after the revocation of the special status granted to the state […]

Flood Havoc in India

October 1, 2019 students 0

This year, the country has witnessed highest rainfall since 1994. The rainfall has been ‘above normal’, IMD said. Several parts of the country such as Patna, Madhya Pradesh and Malda are facing several difficulties due to the prevalent floods.