The final list of NRC leaves out 19 lakh people

NRC: Where did it go wrong? 

October 22, 2019 students 0

The final National Register Citizen’s list has left out 1.9 million people. These ‘stateless citizens’ are to be kept in detention centers. Their only option is to approach the Foreign Tribunal, which doesn’t guarantee an error-free NRC list but can cost them a fortune.

Telangana Wrap

September 3, 2019 students 0

Heavy rainfall in Telangana The Indian Meteorological Department has forecasted very heavy rainfall in Telangana in the next 48 hours. Widespread showers are expected to […]

Punjab floods

Covering Punjab floods

August 29, 2019 students 0

Punjab is submerged under flood water. The land of five rivers is crying for help as crops over 4,000 hectares of land are destroyed, cattle are […]

Western Ghats

Tamil Nadu losing its lungs: Western Ghats

August 27, 2019 students 0

The cutting of forest to build roads and railways are considered among the prime reasons for deforestation in the ghats. The undesirable agriculture practices and pressure of increasing population in the region has added to the reasons for depletion of green ranges. 

The ebbing water states of India

August 6, 2019 students 0

As India enters peak monsoon season, water troubles in the country intensify. While the mainland struggles with class and regional disputes, the North-East drowns under a surplus of water.

The Politics of Defection

July 24, 2019 students 0

The fall of Karnataka coalition: Charges of Horse-trading With the fall of Karnataka coalition government of Janata Dal (Secular) (JDS) and Indian National Congress (INC) […]