Deepening crisis of the Indian economy

India’s economic growth has slumped to 5 per cent, the lowest in the past six-years, in the first quarter which ended in June.There have been many theories that postulate as to why this slouch in economic progress occured, the most popular one is that it occured due to a slower consumer demand and private investment amid deteriorating global environment.

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Here’s What the Hindustan times had to say about the slowdown:

Nirmala Sithraman admits

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at a recent book launch admitted that India is facing an economic slowdown. She further discusses that the book would be important in answering questions of the slowdown that is now plaguing India.

Electricity demand drops

Electricity demand drops by 12 per cent for the third straight month causing a deepening worry on the slowdown. A Bloomberg article talks about the this slowdown taken from the data produced by Moody’s investors.

Reasons for the slowdown

The slump in economic progress has apparently only worsened according to Live Mint. It showcases the various reasons that has affected the economy and why it is important that everybody should worry about the slowdown.

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