Police vs Traders in Pudupet

(This story is part of a series on how decreasing automobile sales have affected people.)

Around 4:30 pm, the situation in Harris Road, Pudupet was tense,  the Chennai traffic police were using a towing van to seize the two-wheelers illegally parked on the road.

They also ordered the shop workers to clear away the bikes of customers in both the narrow streets and main roads due to obstruction.

Rafeeq Mohammed, owner of Tareeq Speedometer service centre, was standing amidst all the commotion.

Last month, he had hired two people (one from Delhi and one from Chennai) to work in his garage for Rs 800 per person per day.

Despite the fact that the going rate had halved to Rs 400 per person per day, he had to let the two people to go because he could not afford to pay now.

The numerous garages and service centres in Pudupet are experiencing the automobile slowdown. “I studied Mechanical engineering at SRM University said Ansari Shafiq, a mechanic on Harris Road, now I am shouting out to people on the road for vehicle service in my shed.”

The supply of spare parts in Pudupet has reduced though Chennai is one of the big market for automobiles.

By Rahul Manoj and Sameer Kulkarni