Open up

Dr. Eric Miller and a diverse group of listeners

“Storytelling for and by Adults”, an Open-Mic and Discussion was held at Cafe Coffee Day Square, Nungambakkam on Monday.

Dr. Eric Miller, Director of World Storytelling Institute spoke on how storytelling can be used to improve bonding, healing and personality development.

The storytellers of various age groups disclosed their problems.

Arivazhagan Kumar, a film producer spoke on how his relative, an engineering student survived a suicide attempt. Factors such as academic pressure, inferiority complex, ragging and homesickness had forced her to take that move. Kumar motivated her to pursue photography to beat negativity.

“The fault is always on the parents and not on the children”, opined Renu Mira, a counsellor and mother of an autistic child. She added that every child is unique.

Sudhakar Narayanan, an author said that education is not everything in life and perfection can never be achieved.

“I changed from a weak and considerate woman to a strong and capable woman due to my experiences in India and the USA”, said Sudha Rajesh, a professional storyteller.

Miller concluded by saying that mental health problems were rising and sensitization was the need of the hour.

This event was covered by Rahul Manoj from ACJ Print batch of 2020.