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Romeo and Juliet; not a tragic love story anymore. Playwright David West Read will not kill Juliet in his new musical. While the musical garners attention, the latest of the 35-year-old franchise the Terminator fails to impress fans.

Shakespeare’s Juliet will survive in the new musical

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been given a new musical twist. In the new musical by Playwright David West Read Juliet will not stab herself.

In the musical, Juliet imagines life after Romeo, and sets on a new journey. Max Martin is putting together the new musical. The Swedish producer has written 22 US number one singles.

Some of his hits are Britney Spear’s ‘Baby One More Time’, Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’, and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’. The show is set premiere in the UK next year.

Big Hit Entertainment Releases Statement After Jungkook’s Minor Car Accident

Big Hit Entertainment recently confirmed that member of the Kpop band BTS, Jungkook was involved in a car accident on November 2.

According to reports, the signer was driving through the Yongsan District in Seoul when he met with the accident. The taxi driver and the star sustained minor injuries.

“We apologize again to the victim and also to fans for causing concern,” the agency said, the First Post reported. 

BTS has a large international fan following. With their album Love Yourself: Tear,  BTS was the first Kpop group to top the 200 Billboard Album chart last year.

Delhi air pollution: Priyanka Chopra trolled over an instagram post

When shooting her upcoming project The White Tiger, Priyanka Chopra Jonas updated a post on her Instagram account. The actor is in New Delhi.

In her post, she was seen wearing a mask due to air pollution in the capital. “”It is so hard to shoot here right now that I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live here under these conditions,” the post stated. However, Twitter took onto troll the star with memes criticising her smoking habit.

The fate of the ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

The 35-year-old franchise the ‘Terminator,’ a movie including cyborgs from the future has lost its popularity over the years.

However, the series creator James Cameron was back for the first time in decades with the latest ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, which opened Friday.

After the movie hit box office on November 1, fans were left unimpressed. According to the viewers, the movie resembled closely to the five previous Terminator movies.

According to the  Hollywood Reporter, the failure was also because of the change in the audiences’ relationship with technology since the first movie was released in 1984. The movie faces losses of $120 million-plus. 

Bigil tops Indian and overseas box-office on Diwali

Bigil topped the Indian and overseas box office after it was released on the Diwali weekend. The movie has made a total of Rs 150.5 crore in three days.


Bigil has now dethroned Theri, that was released in 2016. The movie was the first joint venture between director Atlee and Vijay. Theri became the actor’s third highest earning film.

Bigil is a movie with the message of women empowerment and football.

The movie is the first Tamil film to be screened in Jordan.

Veteran Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne dies at 85

Gay Byrne hosted the Late Late Show at the broadcasting giant in the Republic of Ireland for over 30 years.

Popular figures took onto twitter to pay tribute to him after his death on Monday.

According to reports, the exceptional broadcaster died at his home surrounded by his family.



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