PM’s surprise Brexit ploy: Delay parliament

The proposal to suspend the British parliament  by Borris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK has attracted wide scale criticism in Britain. The act is a clear sign of a rift between the new pro-brexit government and the lower house of the parliament.

 Highly Undemocratic 

Labor Leader Jeremy calls the process undemocratic. He said that the suspension was a ” smash and a grab” on the British democracy.  The news has sparked a constitutional outrage, said speaker John Bercow.  Protests are being held around the parliament gradually spreading to downing street.

A blow to the Pound

The Financial times has reported that investors are now reaching for traditional safety measures post the decision being approved by the queen.
The pound fell as much as one per cent on Wednesday morning, before recovering slightly to trade 0.7 per cent lower and hover around the $1.22 line.

Trump praises great Johnson

President Trump on wednesday praised “great” UK PM Boris Johnson after his move to suspend parliament. Trump said that the suspension will make it very hard for labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to seek a no-confidence vote against Johnson. trump is Johnson’s highest profile foreign backer and he has encouraged Brexit with promises of a bilateral trade deal, as well as praising the new PM’s personal qualities.