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Chennai: With block buster releases like John Wick 3, Aladdin,Article 15, Gully Boy and the record shattering Avengers: Endgame, 2019 has served as a promising year for movies both in Bollywood and in Hollywood. With four more months to go this year  holds promise for more exhilirating releases in the coming days lets take a look at few of the most awaited movies of 2019


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Awards through awarness: “Margarita with a straw”


Writer-Director Shonali Bose’s film, which won several awards revolves around the protagonist ‘Laila” played by Kalki Keochlin. She is a girl with cerebral palsy, in the course of time explores her sexual desires with fireband activist Khanum (Shayani Gupta).

Laila faces some difficulties but she also pulls it of with a style. In the past, many other bollywood movies have also potrayed characters with various disorders. Namely, “Heroine”, “Barfi” etc in the recent past. “Devdas” which released in 2002 depicted the lead (Shahrukh Khan) as a lovelorn, depressed and alcoholic man. He is believed to be suffering from major depressive disorder in that particular film.


Only one Bollywood star in Forbes highest paid celebrities list

Los Angeles: Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is the only Indian to find a spot in the Forbes list of the world’s highest paid actors, among 99 other international celebrities.

Securing the 33rd rank with earnings worth $65 million, Akshay has surpassed popular international figures such as Rihanna, Jackie Chan, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Katy Perry.

Marvel’s miracle continues with J0hansson

Johansson is joined on the list by newcomers Elisabeth Moss and Margot Robbie, as well as returnees like Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. Together, the world’s ten highest-paid actresses tallied a combined $314.6 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019, before fees and taxes.

That’s 69% more than last year’s cumulative total, but still far less than the top ten actors’ $588.3 million.

Scarlett Johansson was the highest-earning actress this year, having brought in $56 million. Big bucks, right? Not if you compare it to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who topped the Forbes’ list of highest-earning actors with $89.4 million.

The real reasons the pay gap remains are representative of the systemic inequality women experience at work and in society more generally.