Chennai Wrap

Metro makes a grinding halt

Months after Phase-I of the Chennai Metro Rail became fully operational in February this year, the service remained fairly unpopular among the locals. In 2017 with half of the Phase-I of the Metro System being in operation, of about 4.5 lakh riders expected every day, only 30,000 people rode the train.

But repetitive breaking down of the system doesn’t help solving this issue. In September first week, the metro service broke down three times.

Amid many issues, the Phase-2 of the metro service isn’t welcomed by the city. Shopkeepers and traders are dreading the impact Metro work will have on their businesses in the years to come.

Water crisis intensifies

Despite desperation for rainwater in Chennai, the poor construction of the drainage system in Chennai isn’t helping solve the water crisis. Instead the city is suffering with water stagnation around the city.

Residents in All India Radio Nagar have to shell out Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 to build a makeshift structure outside their houses to collect the sewage water from toilets.

The question if the rain water is beneficial to the city pertains.

Water crisis: Man made?

Chennai  becomes the  disaster capital of the world – floods one year, cyclone the next, and drought the year after majorly due to the unpredictable North East Monsoons (October) that resulted in the worst rainfall the state had seen in 140 years.

A recent study showed  water table has decreased by an average of 8 metres.  Chennai’s four main reservoirs totally parched, adding  current quantities  only up to 1.3% of the total capacity.

Water experts believe Chennai’s drought is ‘man-made’ that can be  prevented with only  rainwater harvesting which  was  made mandatory in 2001 by the then Chief Minister late Ms. Jayalalitha, to conserve water . Despite being the first state in the nation to bring about such a law, Tamil Nadu is facing an acute water crisis because of the callous attitude of the people.

According  to Deccan Chronicle, that notes between 2009 and 2019, the water resources of 23 districts in the state have been depleted to alarming levels ,only conclusion being rainwater harvesting.Around  144 farmers died in the protests that ensued. The current scenario has left  the govt, thinking how to deal with it.

Cops become “big brothers”

Close to 50 policemen at Thirumangalam police station here became “big brothers” for the city’s children as they tied rakhis and distributed on occasion of the “Rakshabandhan” festival, this Thursday.

The community event was organised by the Madras Metropolitan Round Table 45 and Madras Metropolitan Ladies Circle 70.

Senior Citizen beaten to death

A 75-year old man was beaten to death by two youths near Kumbakonam at night on August 18 when he questioned them for making repeated calls on his granddaughter’s cell phone number.

Based on the testimony of the victim’s son, R Ramachandran, the police have launched a manhunt for the murderers who are on the run.