Cities in a Nutshell: July 23, 2019

Rain relief marred, city suffers

Picture Courtesy: Business Today

Heavy rains lashed parts of the capital city in the past two days. Though it brought a sigh of relief to the residents from the unrelenting heat bringing the temperature down to 28℃, it also resulted in waterlogging and congestion. Waterlogging also led to two deaths because of electrocution when an overhead wire fell on them in Fatehpur Beri, the Indian Express reports.

Life ends in a Metro

Picture Courtesy: Times of India

Another mishap occurred in the Kolkata Metro as a 66-year-old died in the tunnel as his hand remained stuck between the automated doors while the train started moving. Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

With the Metro considered one of the major modes of transportation in Kolkata connecting the northern and southern parts of the city, incidents like these are a matter of concern. Only recently, there were reports of technical glitches such as fires in the Metro rakes, forcing evacuation of passengers.

A Song of Fire and Water

Picture Courtesy: Indian Express

In news from Mumbai, fire broke out on the third and fourth floor of the MTNL Building in Bandra on Monday afternoon, forcing 84 people onto the rooftop before they were all rescued. This is the second major incident of fire in the past week, after a fire was reported in Colaba near the Taj Mahal hotel on Sunday.

Meanwhile in Ahmedabad, heavy rains on Monday evening brought cheer on the faces of Amdavadis. A Mirror report brought more good news, stating a drop in traffic e-memos in the city.

GHMC action; shanties to be demolished & garbage collection now twice

Picture Courtesy: Times of India

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is in the news for a slew of announcements made – from identifying 457 unsafe buildings for demolition and evacuation, to increasing the number of waste pickups in the areas of its jurisdiction to two everyday and of installing two dustbins at all bus stations within a week.

“If structural stability of a building can be restored by renovation, we will allow them. To begin with, they have to be vacated.’’ a GHMC official said.