Is streaming leading to death of Independent Cinema in UK?

Leading film-makers in UK say that the country’s Independent Cinema might be under serious threat due to Netflix and other online streaming services.

British film-maker Andy Paterson has opined that Independent Cinema in UK will be in danger in the coming years due to the increased influence and monopolizing of streaming platforms. This comes in the wake of Netflix’s recent announcement that they’ll be setting up a permanent base at Shepperton studios in UK. Although he feels that this can be a positive thing for British film-makers and viewers in general, he also remarked that a limit in the eventual subscription capability combined with a war going to break out between the American streaming platforms, will ultimately affect the relevance of Independent movie-makers. He cited the examples of how Oscar winning movies like Slumdog Millionaire and The King’s Speech were produced before and how that process will die now. Anderson also added that Independent Cinema already had trouble finding producers, and that the public funds from BBC and British Film Institute (BFI) were inadequate currently.

A couple of months back, renowned film maker Steven Spielberg had come out criticizing the presence of Netflix original movies in Oscars, suggesting that they should only compete for Emmy awards. Spielberg, even with his remarkable credentials, received little to no support though from most cinema lovers and members within film fraternity as well.


By Bharath Thampi.