Avengers End Game Re-Release Faces Ire From Fans After CGI Goof-Up

After earning accolades from audience across the world , Avengers Endgame became victim to a massive goof-up when it’s re-release showed an unfinished hulk mouthing dialogues in contrast to its on-screen graphics.

One of the highest grossing films of the year, the movie received  flak among Marvel fans who compared it to the lips of Justice League’s Superman, which turned out to be one of the major CGI mishaps witnessed across superhero movies.

According to The Hindustan Times, the bonus feature included a Smart Hulk scene, which was advertised by Marvel as being unfinished. The fans, however, were unprepared for what they finally got to see – the scene shows Smart Hulk saving some children from a fire and making a phone call.

The character fills the dish with people to save them from the fire, and since the scene wasn’t fully completed in post he looks like a video game character from 2003. He’s in Hulk mode but speaking in Bruce Banner’s voice, so we know he’s merged into Professor Hulk, but his lips don’t move and he’s not fine-tuned enough to have any expressions , The Vulture reported.

However, Hulk isn’t properly rendered and even his mouth doesn’t move when he delivers his dialogue , the report added.

The fourth installment of the successful superhero movie received outrage from twitteratis who resorted to endless trolling and memes castigating the CGI’s incompetence.

Fans had a field day comparing Superman and Hulk for the stark similarity in their graphic discrepancies

Marvel Studios had re-released the 22nd film in its universe this weekend to shore up its box office and finally make it the number one film of all time dethroning James Cameron’s Avatar , the HT report added. Despite the film garnering a $5.5 million ticket sales during it’s initial run , the error has left the franchise red-faced.