President of Taiwan’s Forthcoming Visit to U.S. Likely to Annoy China

President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen will be spending four nights in the U.S. this month during her tour of the Caribbean, her government said on Monday. This is likely to annoy China which considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province

China believes that Taiwan has no right to have diplomatic relations and considers it to be a sensitive issue in its relationship with the U.S. which has not formally recognized Taiwan, but, helps it militarily.

Taiwan has seen its diplomatic relations get reduced due to the pressure put by China on countries which recognize it. In view of this, Ms. Ing-wen who will be contesting elections next January is visiting U.S. to get international support to protect her country’s diplomatic relations.

China has regularly threatened Taiwan by conducting military drills around the territory of Taiwan.

Ms. Ing-wen visited the U.S. in March last year. Taiwan now only has diplomatic ties with 17 countries.