Heavily debated, ‘Kabir Singh’ about join then the 200 crore club

Amidst a barrage of criticism, Sandeep Vanga’s ‘Kabir Singh’ is about to bag 200 crores. The movie was heavily criticized on the grounds on misogyny, which was reflected in the tone and tenor of this new bollywood  blockbuster.

“Here’s a fellow who thinks that going through life yelling and shouting, snorting-and-drinking on the job, assuaging his raging libido with crass directness, basically being a sexist so-and-so, is an acceptable thing.” Said Indian Express filim critic, Subhra Gupta. The movie also received many negative reviews on ‘online review platforms’ like IMDB and rotten tomatoes. The movie’s ratings plummeted to a low of 27% in rotten tomatoes.

But the young Indian audience finds the movie to be, ‘a best in its genre’. “Kabir Singh is a must watch movie”, tweeted netizen, Dharmendra Sharma. This might the same demographic which made the movie an all time hit.

Even after a huge internet brawl against the movie, it is still attracting a huge amount of audience into theaters. The movie’s success might be a manifestation of our country’s misogynistic outlook, wrote some worried netizens.

– Gokul G K