Cyclone Idai wreaks havoc in Africa, kills more than 1000

People carry their personal effects after Tropical Cyclone Idai, in Beira, Mozambique

More than 1000 people feared to have died in a cyclone that smashed into Mozambique. It is said that Zimbabwe has witnessed more than 200 deaths.

According to news reports, Mozambique’s Beira has been battered severely, including more than 1500 people injured by falling trees and debris. While the road to the city has been severely damaged, Beira is once reachable by air.

According to the BBC, most of the deaths were around the city of Beira, which was one of the most affected areas. Homes were destroyed, and roofs were blown away in the high-speed winds. Aerial footage (above) from the city showed flooded streets and ravaged property.

The Cyclone hits Mozambique on Thursday then on Sunday it reached Zimbabwe.

An aerial view from a helicopter of flooding in Beira, Mozambique.

Figures released at midday on Monday in New York, by UN humanitarian agencies, reported that at least 48 had died across the city. In Malawi, more than 183,000 have been affected, while 9,600 have been impacted due to flooding and landslides.