Dengue cases on rise in TN


CHENNAI: The number of dengue cases in Tamil Nadu are on the rise this year. The Indian Public Health Association surveyed 10 districts in Tamil Nadu and declared the outbreak as “epidemic”.

The survey brought out the fact that 12,500 dengue cases were recorded in the last 6 months. The Public health association officials also urged the state government to declare a “public health emergency” so that the public health department receives funds and manpower to contain the disease.

The state government however were not willing to declare an emergency despite accepting the fact that the situation is “epidemic”.

On Saturday there were 4 deaths in the city, out of which two children were aged six and one aged three.

Some of the government health centres in other districts like Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram have also referred many serious cases to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital due to better treatment. Over the weekend all the wards in the hospital were full. This poses a serious problem over the availability of staff.

Doctors advice the patient to get treatment without any delay even if they feel feverish as many deaths were because of late referrals.

There are two tests done to confirm dengue. One is NS1 Antigen test for rapid detection and the other is ELISA Antibodies test which is a more conclusive test.

The state government also announced that every Thursday will be observed as Dengue Awareness day. They have also made arrangements to distribute Nila Vembu Kashayam in major railway stations and bus stops. The state government also ensured the clean up of potential mosquito breeding sites across the state.