CSAT – hit aspirants’ demand ‘compensatory attempt’ – Congress back 2.5 lakh IAS aspirants

Compiled by – PTI

The Congress backed the demand of about 2.5 lakh civil service aspirants who have been asking for a compensatory attempt to appear for the examination, saying the government should immediately address the issue.

The opposition party also assured the protesting students that as soon as it is voted to power, it will take a relook at the entire process and ensure there is no bias.

Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi, in a statement, said 2.5 lakh affected aspirants have been protesting to get a compensatory attempt to appear for Civil Service Exam as at least four attempts were disturbed owing to “abrupt and frequent” alterations in pattern of the all India civil service exams after the introduction of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in 2011 prelims.

“The Modi government is hell bent on turning India’s demographic dividend into demographic disaster,” Chaturvedi said, alleging that the government was “anti-youth”.

The NDA government in its five years of governance has proven that it continues to play politics over the future of the young population, she claimed.

Precedence in 1979, 1992 and 2011 suggests that students have been given compensatory attempts when big changes happen, the Congress leader said.

In a meeting with Congress president Rahul Gandhi in 2014 and at his intervention these students were given two additional attempts at the examination and a reassurance that entire CSAT would be reviewed once the election process was over, she said.

The students demand that due to the “abrupt changes” in the format and syllabus of the UPSC exams, those who appeared in those years should get another attempt in 2019.

“Since the notification would be out on 19th February, 2019, we demand this government looks at this immediately,” Chaturvedi said.