Environment Bulletin Highlights: India and the World

PC: Pixabay

Here are the highlights of the environment bulletin:

  1. Three leopards died in less than a month in Odisha. Wildlife experts say that forest habitats of leopards are shrinking, which bring them close to human settlements. Poachers take advantage of this to trap the animals. Lack of patrolling by forest guards is to blame as well.
  2. An Australian court on Friday denied permission for a mining project to a private company, saying the activity will have climate change effects in the long run. The Rocky Hill mine in New South Wales was the proposed project site by the company Gloucester Resources Limited. Australia is the fourth largest mining operator in the world behind China, India and the US.
  3. More than 70 per cent water bodies have vanished in Bihar in the past 30 years. There were more than 2,50,000 ponds in the state till late 1980s, but the number has declined to less than 90,000, sources have informed. The ponds and lakes essential to store rainwater have disappeared due to real estate activities and government apathy.
  4. Key West, a Florida island, has decided to ban sunscreens that harm the only living coral reef of the United States. Marine biologists pointed that the sunscreen contains chemicals which alter the DNA of corals and weaken their immunity to disease. The ban will start in 2021.

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