Rise of Trump, Fall of Environment?

When Donald Trump announced that he was running for president in June 2015, he was dismissed as a joke. At that point with the Former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, current US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Marco Rubio, American politician, Ted Cruz, and the former Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, all still running for the nominations, it was far-fetched that Trump would be winning the election.

But 14 months later, Trump emerged the victor in a massive political upset, by beating Hillary Clinton even after a dismal performance at the Presidential debates and trailing Clinton by around four percentage points in the polls.

Right from the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump maintained a strong stance on various issues, ranging from Immigration, National Security, Trade and Nuclear deals. But the most appalling stand of Donald J. Trump is his stance on Climate Change.

In the tweet below, Donald Trump calls Global Warming “bullshit”.

On September 2018, Tens of thousands of people took part in marches and other events across the US, calling for a swift transition to renewable energy in order to stave off the various perils of climate change.

The Rise for Climate protests was spearheaded by what organizers called the largest ever climate march on the US west coast. The march, which snaked through the heart of San Francisco, came ahead of a climate change summit that will gather mayors and business leaders from around the world. The march had attracted around 30,000 people, reported The Guardian.


In a latest development, The Pentagon released a short report this week detailing how a changing climate is a national security threat and makes the military’s job around the world harder. The problem, though, is that the pithy document will likely fall on deaf ears anyway.

President Donald Trump and Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who received the report, are climate change skeptics. Trump, for example, brusquely dismissed his own administration’s climate change report last year, stating “I don’t believe it.” And Inhofe is famous for denying climate change and even throwing a snowball on the Senate floor in February 2015 as proof that it could get cold outside, therefore supposedly showing that the globe wasn’t really warming.

The paper focuses on how climate impacts US military installations. That’s bad news for the Defense Department, which for years has warned climate change will negatively affect troops at home and abroad — although some generals still question its cause.


Today, Ex Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger says US President Donald Trump is making a “big mistake” on environmental policy.

Making his annual pilgrimage to the famous ski races in Kitzbuhel, the Austrian muscleman said, “It is extremely important that in order to be successful with our environmental crusade and to fight global climate change and to fight all of the pollution we have worldwide, we all have to work together”.

He further criticized Trump’s views on climate change, saying, one day he would regret his June 2017 decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change by 2020.The Paris Agreement committed almost 200 countries to keep global warming well below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and, if possible, below 1.5 degrees.

Here is the video of the interview he gave to CNN Sport:

However, Trump’s viewpoint on Climate Change has not changed at all. Not just him, but the Climate change and the “hoax” has spread even across his party, The Republicans.

According to a survey by Esquire, 85% of the Republicans still reject that the climate change is a serious problem. While 71% of the democrats feel that it is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed and two thirds of the American people believe Climate change is a serious problem which needs to be looked into.


Compiled by: Manjiri Chitre, Jayakumar Madala