Airports soon to use biometrics for entry

Ahana Datta Chaudhury

Chennai, Sept 26: The Civil Aviation Ministry and the Government have been taking steps to ensure paperless boarding process using mobile phones. By linking the database of airlines and airports with Aadhaar and passport numbers, IDs will be soon be removed. The process has already started in Bangalore and Hyderabad International Airport.

Under the “digi yatra” programme of the Civil Aviation Authority, airport database itself would check in through security gates before approaching boarding gate, thus reducing time for flight departure . Foreign travelers will still need passports to travel.

R N Choubey in a press conference, speaking about use of biometric application in aviation

According to the Ministry, passengers whose flight’s departure is nearby, will only have access to boarding gate. This would reduce overcrowding, cutting down passengers who reach early. Practice of  stamping “security check” on boarding passes will also come to an end.

Aviation secretary R N Choubey told the TOI,  “Airlines will also be able to know the last level of missing flyer, in case a passenger does not report for boarding in time.This is presently done to ensure that only passengers who have cleared security checks board planes are on board.The indicative cost and time frame will be soon figured out.”

Already Vision Box,an online site has released vb dashbox, a new application designed for airport authorities to manage real-time passenger data intelligence streams, providing behavioral information data center.

“Wipro has been told to study whether such an integrated, e-enabled platform can be developed so that all airports can use the database to enable the biometric entry facility across Indian airports,” Airports Authority of India (AAI) Chairman Guruprasad Mohapatra told Business Standard.

 On the other hand, a report presented by Skift expressed concerns about the security of the biometric data and its implications in the light of the recent Privacy bill. The leakage of Aadhaar data of over 130 million people,as per a study by Centre for Internet and Society, shows mis-managaement of data.

    Bangalore International Airport using biometric identification 
Ministry Official told Business Standard “Linking Aadhaar numbers to air ticket bookings is an option. Airport authorities and officials  can inform passengers about its benefits, but it cannot be enforced now, according to Supreme Court guidelines.”