Gunmen kill 14 in Brazil night club

Gunmen barged into a party at ‘Forro do Gago’, a night club in Fortaleza city in Ceara shooting and killing 14 people. Six others, some of them children, were injured, said the National Public Security Force.

Fifteen gunmen arrived in three heavily armed cars at 1:30 am on Saturday and fired their weapons while entering the night club.

Among the dead are two children and a 12-year-old boy is among the scores of injured people. Twelve people died at the scene and two others were pronounced dead later in hospital. At least men, four women, and two teenagers were reported to be among the dead. A 12-year-old boy and two 16-year-old girls were said to be among the wounded survivors.

Gunmen fired rounds into the front of the building for at least half an hour before fleeing.

Local reports say clubbers hid in neighbouring houses as they fled the attack.


No suspects are currently in custody, and locals are alleged to be scared of talking to the police for fear of retribution. Andre Costa, head of the Ceara state security forces, told journalists that the motive for the violent slaughter wasn’t yet known.

According to police, the shooting was “well planned” and the agents were searching for suspects with a helicopter overseeing the security situations in the region. The police have started investigating whether the killings were part of an ongoing turf war between rival drug gangs. Witnesses were said to be scared of providing information to authorities out of fear of reprisals.

A look inside the nightclub, after the shooting.


A police officer said: “It was a brutal scene, a massacre, there had never been anything like it.”

The shooting was the deadliest in the city’s history. Footage of the aftermath showed blood on the ground outside the club in Fortaleza, a coastal city in the state of Ceara.

The state of Ceara, with Fortaleza as its capital, registered a record number of homicides in the year of 2017, according to state governor Camilo Santana, who said earlier that over 80 per cent of the homicides are results of conflict between drug gangs over territory controls.


Compiled by : Debolina Biswas.