China leads talks on Rohingya refugees’ settlement

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

China on Monday came up with a three-phase solution for the Rohingya crisis which will be acceptable for both Myanmar and Bangladesh. In a conference jointly held with Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Rohingya issue can be addressed with a solution acceptable to both Bangladesh and Myanmar. China has decided to take the lead in this situation.

Wang consulted the two countries before coming up with the solution. The first step will be ceasefire to stop the residents from evacuating Rakhine State. The second phase will need both the countries to participate in the efforts to come up with a solution. The third phase would be an attempt to alleviate poverty to provide a better life to the Rohingyas.

However, experts on BBC World said that it would be really difficult to provide all the refugees a sustainable livelihood. Also, it would be difficult to mobilize so many people back to Myanmar as Bangladesh is not ready to issue  citizenship to them. At present, there are more than half a million refugees in Bangladesh.

This plan came a few days after a Human Rights Watch Report was released. The report focused on sexual violence faced by Rohingya women from the army men of Myanmar. Survey interviews were conducted on 52 refugee women in Bangladesh out of which 29 were rape survivors from 19 different villages of Rakhine State in Myanmar.

In another report by Amnesty International following a similar pattern as that of Human Rights Watch, concluded that the Myanmar Government’s treatment towards the Rohingyas is an ‘Apartheid Regime’.

Here is another report which explains why Burmese army’s actions are nothing short of genocide: