Northeast Monsoon Delayed Again.

Chennai is set to face isolated rainfall at least till October 27.

The North East monsoon has been delayed over Tamil Nadu this year also making it the third year in a row, as the South West monsoon withdrawal ended late.

The predicted date for the North East monsoon setting in was October 19 but the easterly winds have not yet entered the land. The entry of easterly winds indicates the start of the North East monsoon.

“The West Pacific is very active with typhoons which is why the easterly winds are not entering our bay,” said the Indian Weather Man, an independent weather blogger.

The Meteorology Department released a cyclone bulletin that said Tamil Nadu was set to face isolated rainfall on October 22, But the depression formed over Bay of Bengal moved away to Odisha.

The department expects the North East monsoon to set in on October 27, or by the end of the month at the latest.

“We are expecting normal rainfall for the state, even if the onset is delayed this year,” said an official from the department.

Tamil Nadu’s normal amount of rainfall during the North East monsoon is 44 cm.

“The normal onset date was  October 20; however, this year’s (Northeast) monsoon will bring normal rainfall and will compensate for the drought from the 2016 monsoon season”, said the Chennai-Rains, another independent weather blogging community.

The European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has predicted ‘close to normal’ rainfall for the peninsular states during this year’s monsoon. Tamil Nadu is expected to receive close to 44 cm of rainfall.

The North East monsoon is considered to be the lifeline for Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Sixty per cent of the annual rainfall for Chennai is received from the Northeast monsoon.


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