Dravidian Movement

BJP fails to crack Dravidian Nadu again 

Despite strong victory at the national elections 2014 and 2019, BJP struggles to pave their way into the Dravidian State of Tamil Nadu after its lone winner of 2014 elections- Pon Radhakrishnan from Kanyakumari lost the election this year.

Tamil Nadu repeated its verdict of the 2014 elections this time and the state continues to remain a tough nut for the Bharatiya Janata Party to crack. In 2014, the state gave a huge victory to the AIADMK and voted for the DMK-led front this year. 


Dravidian politics and why national parties struggle in Tamil Nadu?

Politics in Tamil Nadu is based around the regional parties all of whom have Dravidian roots.

National parties have struggled more often than not in the state(national parties have not come to power in the state since the 1960s)  and the failure of the parties is mainly due to opposition to Hindi imposition. All though there are other reasons, the Dravidian movement gave tamils a sense of Tamil pride.

The failure of BJP and Congress to assert some power in Tamil Nadu in the 2019 elections, a time where Tamil Nadu faces a political vacuum due to the deaths of Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, depicts the size of their vote bank and the trust Tamils have on national parties

Why does Tamil Nadu hate Modi?

Prime MInister Narendra Modi faces a lot of protests, both on the ground and the internet, every time he visits Tamil Nadu. 

The stance of BJP on sensitive issues like the Jallikattu movement, the Sterlite case, exemption of NEET among others has earned BJP the wrath of Tamils.

Social media is filled with the hashtag #gobackmodi each time he visits the state. The hashtag trends worldwide on Twitter, whenever he visits, informing twitterati of the visit of the PM.