Development threatens the environment

Deforestation has become a phenomenon in every city today. Urbanization is the equivalent to a happy space according to millenials. A society with acres of tress and large vegetation is now depleting every second.


Protest at Nallangdla

The residents of Nallangdla in Hyderabad on November 17, protested against the felling of trees for widening the road from GNT circle up to Tellapur and link it to the Outer Ring Road.

Almost 50 to 60 trees were cut down for this purpose the week before. Men, woman, children and the elderly came up forming a human chain holding placards in order to protest against further cutting down of trees.

The authorities were compelled to hold back the chopping of more trees as the public protest advanced. According to The Hindu, a forest official confirmed that there will be a ‘public opinion’ before taking any further steps.


Protest at Aarey Colony

The people at Aarey Colony in Mumbai protested against the dismissal of all petitions against the cutting of 2500 trees by the Bombay High Court on October 6. Twenty nine people were arrested as a huge clash took place between the police and the public.

The colony was barricaded and section 144 ( banning unlawful assembly) was imposed. Almost 1500 trees were cut down by the end of that day.

The latest conflict about development in Aarey pushed the Milk Colony into the national limelight: the state government wanted to build a metro rail car shed on 30 hectares of Aarey land, for which it would need to cut down more than 2,700 trees.

In the decades that followed, as Mumbai’s concrete jungle exploded all around Aarey and began to encroach the forest, the Milk Colony became a prized expanse of land: prime real estate material for builders, an endangered home for Adivasi villagers and the “last green lung of Mumbai” for environment-conscious citizens. (Source: Scroll)

From Politicians to Actors, every resident of Mumbai was shook by the desicion. Aarey contributes largely to the green lung of the metropolitian city.

Trees are tribal and ruthlessly protect their own kind. 

Beech trees are bullies​ and​ willows are loners, says forester Peter Wohlleben, author of a new book claiming that trees have personalities and communicate ​via a ​below-ground ​‘woodwide web

All felling work must be carried out in accordance with the licence and any other permission issued, and must remain compliant with all other legislation and regulations affecting operations to fell trees. These requirements are reflected in the UK Forestry Standard. (Source: forestry commission).

A wildly optimistic UK government has decided, ‘Trees are the ultimate long-term project’.

A former sheep and cattle farm, Doddington North, is being converted into England’s largest private new woodland in 30 years, with 680,000 trees being planted over the 350 hectares. 

While developed nations are coming up with solutions to curb the problem of deforestation, citizens in India are battling to protect what they are already blessed with.