Indira Nagar Slum: Undelivered Promises

December 1, 2019 editor 0

Students of Group C covered a cluster of slums named SN Nagar, Indira Nagar and Gandhi Nagar as part of their coursework. Students of Group C include Keerthi Krishna, Krati Purwar, Mahera Dutta, Meghna M, Neil Cornelius, Manthra K, Krithi Kannan, Mariah Dins, Megha and Nima

Kannagi Nagar: On the Periphery

November 28, 2019 students 0

In just a few kilometers, tall glittering towers that reflects India’s new vision of itself, gives way to low rise neighbourhood with small, identical buildings with faded paint and moss growing in patches on the walls. The smell of food, where some kids were cooking a meal in front of their school, mingles with the raw smell of overflowing garbage and sewage running on the streets.

The Price of Adolescence

November 28, 2019 students 0

As the murmurs in the class increase in volume, one girl asks the teacher whether English is spelt with an ‘E’ or an ‘I’. The students of class 10 at Hope Foundation school are preparing for their Matriculation exam.

Primary schools in Kannagi Nagar

November 28, 2019 students 0

The iron grill door of the school, thus, mostly remains closed, some little heads peep through the grill when the street cricketers yell “six” or when crackers burst in the nearby street.