No weddings in Noida

March 23, 2020 editor 0

Empty hallways, semi-decorated gardens, one or two watchmen at the gate, and a few workers in masks are the new scenes of banquet halls in the city.

Indira Nagar Slum: Undelivered Promises

December 1, 2019 editor 0

Students of Group C covered a cluster of slums named SN Nagar, Indira Nagar and Gandhi Nagar as part of their coursework. Students of Group C include Keerthi Krishna, Krati Purwar, Mahera Dutta, Meghna M, Neil Cornelius, Manthra K, Krithi Kannan, Mariah Dins, Megha and Nima

How to house the urban poor?

November 25, 2019 editor 0

If ever a place could be damned by its name, it is this; Thideer Nagar. The Tamil word Thideer means sudden. And Chennai is full of these so-called sudden Nagars