Honnavar Fishing Communities Fear Threat to Livelihood

The livelihoods of the fishing communities of Honnavar in Uttara Kannada are threatened as a result of the declining catch and the negligence of the government.

When the forge’s fire lies cold

Once reputed as skilled ironsmiths, members of Haryana’s Gadhiya Lohar community now struggle due to loss of livelihood, official apathy and social exclusion

Two-fold migration creating labor helplessness in Malur

The story reflects the ground realities of daily wage workers, their treatment by the employers and the condition of labor opportunities for them.

Gajoldoba: Waiting for ‘Vikas’

Lack of colleges and hospitals in a fast growing tourist hub, as the residents of Gajoldoba await development for themselves.

Webinars being conducted by brokerage firms serve as good platforms to enter market.

Kanishka Birat Chennai, Jan 23: Out of 100 attendees of webinars like, “EARN AND LEARN BY TRADING TECHNIQUES,” 25 to 30 attendees apply for opening [...]

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Waves of protest after the arrest of NCP leader Nawab Mallick

Maharashtra BJP is set to hold a state-wide protest today to demand the resignation of state Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik, who has been [...]

Take down stories on Bharat Biotech, court tells The Wire

The Additional District Judge at Ranga Reddy District Court on February 23 passed an order directing Delhi-based news website The Wire to take down 14 [...]

India asks all sides to exercise restraint in Ukraine-Russia crisis

With increasing border tension between Ukraine and Russia, India emphasised to deal with the situation using in a diplomatic manner India on Tuesday strongly emphasized [...]

Lakhimpur Kheri Farmers Turn To Banana Cultivation

Sugarcane farmers shift banana plantations as it proves more profitable. Tanya Savkoor Lakhimpur Kheri: Several sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh are shifting to the banana [...]

Ecotourism’s footprint in India

The adverse impacts of mass tourism have compelled people to look for an alternative Group E With the Centre coming up with a list of [...]

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  • How to house the urban poor? - If ever a place could be damned by its name, it is this; Thideer Nagar. The Tamil word Thideer means sudden. And Chennai is full of these so-called sudden Nagars [...]

Where we went…

The ACJ Print 2019-2020 team decided to go to two government resettlement colonies–Kannagi Nagar and Perumbakkam –and two shantytowns Thideer Nagar and Indiranagar slum–well within city limits. It did so to find out who the people that live in the slums where and why they chose to live the way they do.


…and what we saw.